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2018 Canvassing in Carrying Place

What a beautiful pastoral neighbourhood. This was the first time I have explored it and I heard lots about the history of the area. Members of this neighbourhood seem fairly content. Two new projects have addressed two major issues – upgraded cell phone and internet access and an acoustic barrier along Highway 400. There are still a few concerns that I heard at the door.

  • Traffic Speed: As we grow and develop, and with residents continuing to commute to Toronto for work, traffic speed is becoming a big issue. This is especially true along Weston Road where there are many blind spots, and people coming and going from side streets, driveways and the Carrying Place Manor. Speed reductions around that area on Weston, with the support of enforcement may help. Signage posted on the side streets and at the Manor cautioning about driving carefully would also be helpful. This issue needs to be monitored.

  • Acoustic Barrier: Although a new barrier has been helpful for many residents, the north east corner of Carrying Place is still bombarded by traffic noise from Highway 400 – especially with certain wind directions. It is unclear if the acoustic wall was constructed far enough to the north to help this area. This concern needs to be addressed in detail through meetings with the Province.

  • Tree Protection: On the west side of Carrying Place homes are built into a beautiful woodlot. This woodlot is contiguous with the Pottageville Swamp. Some residents are concerned about excessive tree removal on residential lots. The Township of King is currently going through the process of establishing a tree bylaw. It is important to have your say in that process.

Voting day is October 22 and the polling station is at the Trisan Centre. I encourage you to vote no matter who you support. If you have any questions or want to learn about my qualifications and background visit my website at or give me a call at 905-715-5820.

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