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As I Join King Township As Your Councillor...

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

I feel so honoured to represent you and humbled to have received your support during the 2022 Municipal Election period. This will be an adventure and I am excited to get started and do the best I can to lead us into the future.

I believe that with your help:

  • We can have safe walkable communities that connect recreation, businesses and services

  • We can have access to diverse and affordable housing

  • We can protect the heritage and neighbourhood character of our communities

  • We can have public transit and active transportation that connects our communities

  • We can protect the natural environment both within our communities and in our countryside

  • We can reduce carbon emissions and plan our communities with climate change impacts in mind

  • We can have meaningful local employment and a strong business base

  • We can support our agricultural sector

  • We can support our marginalized residents

  • We can set priorities to keep the tax rate low.

I believe that this can be done in Ward 4 through effective two-way communication, supporting and empowering local community groups and businesses, and promoting planning and development that address the needs of the community first. We are so lucky to have a strong Official Plan that provides a vision for our communities.

I am excited to begin working alongside dedicated members of Council and committed and capable Township Staff. I know together we will provide leadership worthy of King Township.

Many of you are probably aware of the recent legislation that is being proposed by the Ontario government (Bill 23). The government professes that to address the housing shortage, this bill will allow for the construction of 1.5 million housing units over the next ten years. Whether this reflects reality is unclear. However, if approved, this legislation will change everything. It will advance urban sprawl, promote egregious climate impacts, take away democratic rights of communities to have a say in their future, burden municipalities with the cost of unplanned infrastructure, weaken the progress towards affordable housing, cause an increased tax burden on rate payers, result in the destruction of sensitive habitats, reduce the ability to protect our cultural heritage, and destroy productive and stable farming adjacent to urban centres.

I will need your voice to help me take our message forward. Get involved. Check my blog or social media frequently for updates on what is happening in your community. If you would like to receive regular newsletters press the button below and add your email to the newsletter list. Surveys will also be available from time to time so that you can have your say and help give me direction.

Thank you again for your support,

Councillor Mary Asselstine

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