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Roselena Drive Extension & Subdivision Development: Part 2

I attended the Council meeting on June 25 where Council considered the development proposal to extend Roselena and build 51 new single family homes. There was a presentation given by staff and the developers’ representative and several presentations by concerned neighbours. One person representing the existing residents on Roselena talked about the issue of traffic and suggested that only emergency access link Roselena Dr. between the existing and proposed development. A resident living downstream of the site expressed serious concerns about the extent of the development and filling in the floodplain and how it will impact flood levels up and downstream of the site as well as impact the sensitive environmental features. A third resident pointed out the failing wells in the area and was concerned that this new development may exacerbate the problem.

Clearly there are many issues yet to be dealt with. My understanding is that staff have requested a more detailed traffic report that will propose mitigation measures for potential traffic increases in the existing neighbourhood. But it is the comments from the Conservation Authority (that are still outstanding) that will have the biggest impact on the proposal. If they direct the developer to redesign so that the development is out of the floodplain with appropriate setbacks from environmentally sensitive areas we will be seeing a whole different proposal … maybe one that considers a different road alignment and higher density.

I personally think that a redesign is warranted. There are great opportunities to design a residential area that respects the environment and the neighbours and provides a great place for people to live.

In the end Council “received” the report with no decision made.

There is still time to make comments on the proposed development. Send your comments to

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