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Roselena Drive Extension & Subdivision Development: Part 1

I have been thinking about the proposed development at the end of Roselena and what it will offer to the people who will live there and who already live nearby and how it will impact the natural spaces. Fifty -one homes will change this area forever so how do we make sure that people are given an attractive and safe place to live and the natural features are protected as much as possible?

The existing site is rolling terrain, mostly open field, with 7 wetland pockets, a watercourse, a large pond and a significant adjacent woodlot. I have heard a variety of birds there including Bobolink, Woodcock, Barn Swallows, Meadowlarks, Savannah Sparrows and Field Sparrows. And I have seen or heard Snapping Turtles, Leopard Frogs, Tree Frogs and Chorus Frogs. All these species need the existing plant community complex to continue calling this area home. Both the woodlot and the river are identified in the Schomberg Community Plan as Environmentally Sensitive.

I was speaking to some people the other day who told me that their properties immediately downstream of the proposed development are flood prone and that the incidence of flooding seems to be increasing. It occurs to me that the placement of 11,000 m3 of fill in the valley (flood plain included) to accommodate 17 of the homes and a large bridge may make matters worse for these home owners – not to mention the increase in storm water runoff from the introduced hard surfaces.

The development will introduce more traffic into the existing neighbourhood on Roselena. How do we mitigate that problem?

I think we can do better than what is being proposed. First of all keep the development out of the flood plain. This will go a long way to ensure that there will be no increases in flooding downstream and will protect much of the natural areas. Secondly give an adequate setback from the existing woodlot. And finally consider a roadway that links to the existing driveway to the west.

Imagine a development that provides beautiful places to live, surrounded by healthy natural spaces and linked walking trails. Imagine access to that pond for nature viewing. Maybe the proposal is a Plan of Condominium instead of a Subdivision so that there is some flexibility in the road standard and the vision for the neighbourhood is maintained through a condominium association.

On June 25 the Township of King Council will be hearing public comments on the new development extending from the end of Roselena Drive. The proposal is to construct 51 single family homes and build a bridge that will connect the existing road to Church Street. This proposal will require the placement of 11,000 m3 of fill to accommodate the roadway and new homes. Do you have something to say about this?

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