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Our First Ward 4 Youth Walking Tour: Schomberg Edition

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Yesterday was World Town Planning Day, and the first of many youth-led community walking tours in Ward 4.

Since this date is for celebrating the accomplishments of planners and their contributions to their communities, I'd like to take this time to celebrate a few of my favourite planners across King – and by that, I mean the kids & young people in our neighborhoods.

Let's be honest: planning can be boring. It's hard enough to bring adults out for an Open House or a Public meeting, & it certainly wasn't designed to be a youth-friendly activity. Conversely, it's a rare treat to explore what King Township would be like if we planned with our youngest residents.

My goal with this role has always been to open up opportunities for citizen voice & decision-making. Pilot projects like these bring our community new techniques for public engagement & putting leadership in the hands of Ward 4.

I look forward to sharing the results of yesterday's tour in an upcoming Youth Report which you'll be able to find in the Reports section of my website.

P.S. Thanks to all (parents & youth alike) who joined in yesterday with our impromptu community consultation on Instagram! You can view the results anytime in my Story Highlights.

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