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66 Main Street: Part 2

Several weeks ago a small group of us met at 66 Main Street to view the house and discuss any changes in the development proposal. The owner expressed a sincere interest in the protection and restoration of the house which was very encouraging. At that point they were still in consultation with the Township Planning Department and Conservation Authority.

Since then two things have happened. The first is the purchase of 72 Main Street. My understanding is that this property, which is immediately west of 66 Main Street, was purchased by the developer. This will likely mean that there will be more townhomes proposed, but it also means that there is an opportunity to reconfigure the proposal, saving more trees, eliminating the crowding of houses and roads at Main Street and removing all proposed development from the floodplain.

The second item is a notice of appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) and a date for the prehearing (Tuesday September 11 at 10 am at King Council Chambers). It appears that the appeal is based on the original planning proposal (32 townhomes and removal of the house). It is imperative that if you wish to take any position on this appeal that you attend the pre-hearing and be prepared to identify yourself as a party to the appeal or a participant and be prepared to make a statement.

As the development proposal has changed significantly since the original and there are new lands to consider it is possible that an adjournment will be requested. This would be good news as it will confirm that the developer is acting in good faith and wants to meet the needs and desires of the community as best as they can.

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