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66 Main Street: Part 1

I thought I would update you on what is happening at 66 Main Street. A group of us met with the developer yesterday to discuss the protection of the heritage home. He took us on a tour of the house which is currently full of trash. He will be inviting the Heritage Advisory Committee and the Museum to tour the place as well. There are some beautiful interior features but the restoration will be a lot of work. The developer is not only happy to do the restoration but is eager to see the house assume its former grandeur.

The plan is to also build a second home along Main Street that will complement the character of the existing heritage home. With this approach I believe it is possible to retain the character of the street scape.

The developer is still working with the Township of King and the Conservation Authority on the townhome units and will have to address questions of density, traffic, storm water management, conservation of natural features and compatibility with neighbouring homes. Currently there are 29 units being proposed. A graphic artist has been retained to assure that the style of the townhome facades will be in keeping with the heritage nature of Main Street.

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