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CWF Awards: Natural Leaders

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Sept 1, 2022

The Canadian Wildlife Federation presents its annual awards celebrating community members, educators, students and visionaries who are leading the way on conservation

This article was originally published with the Canadian Wildlife Federation.


Mary Asselstine - Schomberg, Ont.

An outspoken and effective community advocate and respected conservation leader with a 35-year history of committed volunteer work, Mary Asselstine is a founding member of the Dufferin Marsh Nature Connection.


Mary Asselstine focuses on protecting cultural heritage, supporting local businesses, promoting energy efficiency, providing walkable, healthy and safe communities, protecting the natural environment and integrating the built environment with the natural environment. Asselstine has fostered appreciation for the importance of the natural environment and has helped raise awareness that has translated into action in protecting and preserving our natural resources. She has changed hearts and minds and motivated people to act. Asselstine is a force of nature and a force for nature.


I enjoy sharing my knowledge and love of nature, and I believe that encouraging a connection to nature results in a more caring and compassionate community. Motivation for this work also comes from the joy I feel when I witness the miracles of nature, both small and dramatic.


Established in 1978 by the Canadian Wildlife Federation, this award is a tribute to the former governor general of Canada, an outstanding outdoorsperson and past honorary president of the federation. It is awarded to any individual who has demonstrated a commitment to conservation through effective and responsible activities that promote, enhance and further the conservation of Canada’s natural resources.

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