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Our community,
your advocate.

Hi, I'm Mary.

As your newly-elected Ward 4 Councillor, I am honoured to represent you in King Township & humbled to have received your support.

Most importantly, I can't do this without you! I'll need your voice to help me take our message forward.


Here's how:

  • Get involved. Ward 4 always needs volunteers, & we have some great events & advocacy opportunities coming up.

  • Check my blog or social media frequently for updates on what's happening in our Ward. You can also sign up to receive my newsletter!

  • Surveys will also be available from time to time so you can have your say & help give me direction.


This will be an adventure! I am excited to represent you & do the best to lead us into the future.

With thanks,

Mary Asselstine

Councillor Mary Asselstine seated casually on a park bench, with one leg crossed over the other. She is wearing a grey fleece sweater, blue jeans, and brown hiking boots.

our ward 4

I'm inspired by the possibilities for Ward 4 & King Township. We are so lucky to have a progressive Official Plan that provides a vision for Complete Communities. We have vibrant local businesses, growing tourism opportunities, iconic Main Street traditions, a strong natural heritage system, & a proud rural history.


Based on the feedback I've heard from residents, community building is the key to the future of Ward 4. Ward 4 deserves effective two-way communication that supports & empowers local community groups/businesses while promoting planning & development that prioritizes community needs.

I know we can achieve this, together.

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