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2018 Canvassing in Pottageville

I have been knocking on doors in Pottageville and have had the pleasure to meet many of you and listen to your ideas for the future, and your concerns. The conversations have been varied and interesting but there are three main themes that kept recurring:

  • Traffic Speed: People on every street expressed concerns about traffic volume and speeding, leading to issues of pedestrian safety and road congestion. Of particular note was the increase of truck traffic on the Lloydtown Road and the 7th Concession and the degraded road surfaces. Suggestions to resolve some of these issues ranged from traffic calming techniques to reducing speed limits and enforcement. I really liked the idea of establishing some sort of east-west walkway on the north side of the Llyodtown Road and providing points for safe pedestrian crossing. This issue is a high priority for Pottageville and one that I will work hard on to resolve.

  • Internet/Cell Phone Access: I heard from so many about the frustration of getting consistent cell phone and internet access. This is especially a concern for those who work from home and for students. In 2016 the CRTC declared that broadband Internet access and mobile wireless service should be available to all Canadians. The Federal Government has issued a new round of funding to support upgraded services in rural and isolated areas. I will work hard to ensure that Pottageville is provided with updated internet and cell phone services as quickly as possible.

  • The Future: Residents of Pottageville love their community. They like the rural feel, the green spaces, the friendly neighbourhoods and the access to the highway. Many are concerned about the future, about the pressure for too much development that will change the character of their neighbourhood. Currently the Township of King is going through a review of the Official Plan, including the hamlet of Pottageville, which will set the stage for the future. Get involved. Contact the planner at the Township of King (Kristen Harrison) for more information. I will be following the review closely and will be making sure the Official Plan reflects your vision.

Voting day is October 22 and the polling station is at the Trisan Centre. I encourage you to vote no matter who you support. If you have any questions or want to learn about my qualifications and background visit my website at or give me a call at 905-715-5820.

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